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Choosing The Next Vape Juice Taste

Discovering the proper e-liquid is generally a moment to take pleasure from – the completing range after countless different tastes and nicotine strengths, theres really nothing at all beats the flavor of the vape.

Its just seeking the e-liquid that functions for you personally thats the hard component

Luckily for you personally, blu is here now to lend a helping hand and take you through all you have to to think about when picking another e-liquid flavor to ensure that you’ll get the vape youve been searching for.

You’ll discover three basic guidelines to picking another e-liquid:

Pick your taste

Select your nicotine percentage

Decide how very much youll need

In this guide we have a detailed take a look at each one of these guidelines and undergo all of the factors youll have to consider when finding your e-liquid.Go to:

1. Discover YOUR FLAVOR

In the first place, youll have to decide what flavour you need and, even more specifically, which kind of flavour you need. There are many apparent alternatives with familiar tastes such as Cigarette and Menthol, however when it consists of the newer choices it could hard to select whatll make your ideal vape.

Although among the advantages of vaping differs flavors to select from, this can produce picking that initial flavor a tad tricky. Taking into consideration the type of flavour you need might help and weve proven a number of the numerous kinds of tastes we’ve obtainable below:

Make sure to verify if the e-cigarette youve selected contains the flavour youd would rather use as some of the newer flavours arent obtainable with older blu products. Think about what your location is most probably to vape in addition to some vapers recognize that they like different flavours for different circumstances.

2. CHOOSE YOUR Cigarette smoking PERCENTAGE

Theres enough details on cigarette smoking percentages apart there to create anyones human brain spin but in blu, we would rather keep it fine and simple. Thats why our vape juice comes into play simply four different nicotine percentages:





The 4.5% vape e-liquid is only available within our blu Disposables range, if you wish a e-liquids with an elevated nicotine percentage, choose one among these e-cigarettes.

Some vapers whove just switched to e-cigarettes say that they prefer vape juice with an elevated proportion of nicotine, although there are others who dont feel that is as essential. An essential move to make is certainly try the percentage you imagine will work greatest and try another if you feel youd like pretty much nicotine inside your e-liquid.

Make sure to be sure the flavoring youve selected will come in the nicotine strength youre following as not all of the likes from blu can be found in every 4 nicotine strengths.


That certain catches a lot of people out, yet, in the final, youll be great in the event that you remember this logic: the greater you vape, the greater e-liquid youll want. Easy!

If youre the type of 1 who vapes a lot each day, youll probably want about 6 deals of tanks, disposables or 2 drinking water containers (with regards to the kind of e-cigarette youre using) to last you the week. Remember that this is only a severe guide and that you might end up vaping a lot more or significantly less than encouraged right here.

So given that youve particular another vape juice, youre prepared to vape – precisely what exactly have you been waiting for!