Trade period wrap

 Trade period wrap  Posted by on 20 October, 2014
Oct 202014
Trade period wrap

Adelaide In: Kyle Cheney, Luke Lowden Out: – Draft picks: 14, 35, 43, 59 Adelaide were non existent in the trade period until the last ten minutes, when it successfully gained Cheney and Lowden from Hawthorn, before swapping its first and second picks with Geelong. The Crows downgraded their first pick from 10 to 14 [...]

Oct 172014
Paige Cardona's Phantom Draft: 5.0

With the player exchange period complete for 2014, the draft order is settled and the guess work in terms of the order of picks is over. Whilst the draft is an even one, the first round is constantly being reshuffled, with movement heavily taking place in the first round. The National Draft combine has also answered [...]

Oct 162014
Boyd a necessary risk for the Dogs

Despite the influx of ignorant tweets flying around, Tom Boyd cannot be measured in dollars or premierships. Neither of those things are important in assessing his importance to the Bulldogs, as they are obsolete measuring sticks that are flawed in design. First, it must be taken into consideration that the Bulldogs do not care – [...]

Oct 142014
End of season draft power rankings

Grading draft hopefuls is a very subjective process. What one person may like in a player, may be seen as a flaw by another draft watcher. As a result it is very difficult to compare players as many people will have different perspectives and ratings of players. As a way to combat this I have [...]