Jan 182015
The race for the Rising Star

The 2015 NAB Rising Star award looks to be one of the tightest races in the last few years. There were several ready-made midfielder types taken in the 2014 draft, as well as some players who could come out of nowhere, like Tom Langdon last year, to give it a shake. Honourable mentions go to [...]

Jan 042015
Post-draft analysis: Collingwood

In: Levi Greenwood (North Melbourne), Travis Varcoe (Geelong), Jack Crisp (Brisbane), Jordan De Goey, Darcy Moore, Brayden Maynard, Matthew Goodyear, Michael Manteit (rookie), Brenden Abbott (rookie), Tony Armstrong (rookie), Mason Cox (International/USA) Out: Dayne Beams (Brisbane), Luke Ball (retired), Marty Clarke (retired), Heritier Lumumba (Melbourne), Quinten Lynch (retired), Nick Maxwell (retired) Like arch rivals Carlton, [...]

Dec 182014
Post-draft analysis: Carlton

In: Liam Jones (WB), Matthew Dick (Sydney), Kristian Jaksch (GWS), Mark Whiley (GWS), Jason Tutt (WB), Blaine Boekhorst, Dillon Viojo-Rainbow, Clem Smith, Jayden Foster, Billy Gowers (rookie), Brad Walsh (rookie), Tom Fields (rookie), Fraser Russell (rookie) Out: Jarrad Waite (North Melbourne), Mitch Robinson (Brisbane), Jeff Garlett (Melbourne), Kane Lucas (West Coast) One of the most [...]