Apr 182014
Brownlow Talk: Round four review

Joel Selwood looks to have put a little bit of space between himself and reigning Brownlow medallist Gary Ablett on top of the BFGN Brownlow Leaderboard, with a near certain three vote performance in his side’s massive win over against West Coast. Meanwhile, Scott Pendlebury has made a move towards the top of the leaderboard, [...]

Apr 172014
10 draft busts of the past 10 years

Whether through injuries, poor form or a lack of opportunity, several top first and second round draft picks did not live up to expectations. When thinking about the worst draft picks of the past 10 years, the obvious ones, such as Richard Tambling or Mitch Thorp immediately spring to mind. But who are the players [...]

Apr 172014
Head to head: Good Friday football

Topic: Football should be played on Good Friday. Affirmative: Laurence Rosen Negative: Ashleigh Craven Laurence: Australia is a secular country and has been for many years. We pride ourselves on being a multicultural society and each and every one of us is free to make our own. While this may be less relevant in sport, [...]

State League Wrap

 State League Wrap  Posted by on 16 April, 2014
Apr 162014

WAFL WRAP ROUND FOUR By Madelyn Friend Round four saw West Perth deliver East Perth its first loss. In a rematch of last year’s grand final, West Perth came in with confidence running high after registering its first win of the season over Perth in round four. It was a crushing victory, with West Perth claiming [...]

Apr 162014
AFL Bloodlines: Round four

The sons, brothers, nephews, cousins and relatives of yesterdays and today’s heroes are the players who make up AFL Bloodlines. Collectively, after each round of TAC Cup football, I’ll be providing statistical updates and game notes on each individual player so that you can track their process this season. If you missed the overviews of [...]